When released, Google guaranteed software and security updates for the Pixel 4a smartphone for 3 years.

When I checked this morning, Google hadn’t extended support for the Pixel 4a beyond August 2023. That’s less than three weeks from now.


Android version updates and security updates

When will you get Android version updates and security updates

Aside from the reviews of the Pixel 4a, one of the main reasons I purchased one was the smaller size. Quality smartphones of this size were, and still are, difficult to find.

Almost immediate I purchased a protective case for it and  it’s still in great shape. So it would be wrong – on so many levels – to chuck it and be forced to purchase a new phone.

So, I have started researching how to #deGoogle my Pixel and replacing it the with GrapheneOS (Wikipedia), /e/ (Wikipedia), and the ever popular Lineage OS (Wikipedia).

My recent experience with Linux on the laptop, and the welcoming open-source community, surpassed my expectations and I expect similar results moving away from Google and commercial operating systems that don’t track my location, movements, habits, friends, for their profit.

There is no perfect solution, however deGoogle-ing the Pixel 4 will extend the Pixel 4a’s life, make it more private, and more secure. I’m interested to see what, if any conveniences I need to give up.

When the time comes that I’ll need different hardware, I’ll be buying from a company that cares about people and our planet, and walks the talk. Right now, that looks to be Fairphone, which makes user repairable smart phones and has been receiving 10/10 iFixit repeatability ratings.