GUIDED TOUR | The new Fairphone 5 | Fairphone

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Fairphone promise a long-lasting, quality design build. They have taken those values and driven sustainable innovations further than any other brand.

The Fairphone 5 is more modular and repairable than previous versions, while still being thinner. It’s made with more recycled and fair focus materials, it directly supports the people who assembled the phone with a wage they can really live of; it’s assembled with 100% renewable energy, it’s climate conscious and electronic waste neutral – AND it runs on a powerful long-life chipset that we’ll support for the next 8 years – that’s until 2031.

It is available for pre-order at €699.00 (~ CDN$1,035 / US$765) with an estimated delivery starting in mid-September.

Would love to see it in Canada and the US, but it’s currently only available some parts of Europe.

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