Kellogg’s want the right to keep misleading customers and continue to manufacture industrial products engineered and processed to look like food for human consumption. Ultra-processed products that are made to look like food are widely accepted by nutritionists to be unhealthy for human consumption, causing addiction, weight gain, cancers, and cardiovascular diseases.

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A 2019 policy requires companies that make unhealthy foods to include warning labels on the front of any boxes they sell in Mexico to educate consumers about things like excess sugar and fat. Any food with a warning label — like Kellogg’s Fruit Loops or its Frosted Flakes, which typically contain more than 37 grams of added sugar in a 100-gram serving — is also banned from including a mascot on its packaging.

Kellogg’s, the company behind the mascots known in the United States as Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam, has already sued the Mexican government over the labeling policy.

U.S. regulators are considering a similar policy, because they say it will help consumers make healthier decisions. The details haven’t been ironed out yet — the Food and Drug Administration just announced it is studying the idea.