Isabel Skierka, program lead for technology politics and a researcher with the Digital Society Institute (DSI) at ESMT Berlin, discusses the the latest revelations about a private IT company building malware for Russian intelligence.

In Ukraine, the Kremlin’s war rages on with the use of cyber-attacks on local infrastructure.

Meanwhile, tensions between the US and China are increasing over the question of whether TikTok poses a threat to American national security. Critics say the video sharing app is aggressively collecting more information than it requires, while its makers are legally required under China’s national laws, to handing over user data to the Chinese government.

Skierka also discusses the latest surrounding Pinduduo, the super invasive e-commerce app has cyber security experts wide-eyed, and it’s sister app, Temu, that is widely available in Canada and the US.

Pinduduo is one of China’s most popular shopping apps, selling clothing, groceries and just about everything else under the sun to more than 750 million users a month. Temu is listed as a top app in the US.