Gordon Corera, writing for the BBC »

What concerns Western officials is Chinese President Xi Jinping’s determination that Beijing will shape a new international order. “Ultimately it aspires to displace the United States as the foremost power,” the chief of MI6, Sir Richard Moore, told me in a rare interview in his office for a new BBC series on China and the West.

Meanwhile » Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS) director warns China can use TikTok to spy on them.

Catharine Tunney, for the CBC News writes »

“My answer as director of [the Canadian Security Intelligence Service] is that there is a very clear strategy on the part of the government of China … to be able to acquire … personal information from anyone around the world,” said CSIS director David Vigneault in an interview with CBC’s The House airing Saturday.

“As an individual, I would say that I would absolutely not recommend someone have TikTok.”

Vigneault said it’s “very clear” from the app’s design that data gleaned from its users “is available to the government of China.”

“Most people can say, ‘Why is it a big deal for a teenager now to have their data [on TikTok]?’ Well in five years, in 10 years, that teenager will be a young adult, will be engaged in different activities around the world,” he told host Catherine Cullen.

“If you are, for whatever reason, getting in the crosshairs of the [People’s Republic of China], they will have a lot of information about you.”

Last Updated on May 23, 2024