When done correctly, these are some of the benefits of working less hours per week »

  1. A smaller ecological footprint
  2. A stronger economy » improves social and economic equality
  3. Better employees » less prone to sickness and absenteeism, a more stable and committed workforce
  4. Lower unemployment » helps to redistribute paid and unpaid time more evenly
  5. Improved wellbeing » greatly reduces stress levels and improves overall wellbeing, mental, and physical health
  6. More equality between men and women » helps change attitudes about gender roles
  7. Higher quality, affordable childcare » helps parents better balance their time, reducing the costs of full-time childcare
  8. More time for families, friends and neighbours » allows more time to value, appreciated, and strengthen all the relationships that make our lives worthwhile and help to build a stronger society
  9. Making more of later life » eases the transition from employment to retirement
  10. A stronger democracy » more time to participate in local activities, to learn and care about what is happening around us

This is a summary of an article by Anna Coote, published by the New Economics Foundation in 2014  »