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Still Life

by Conner Griffith, 2022

Composed of over 1000 engravings from the 19th century, Still Life is a meditation on subject/object dualism. The film explores the idea that we live in a world of objects and a world of objects lives within us. Working with this encyclopedia of prints as a sort of language, a story of consciousness emerges.

1,000 days of mushroom growth timelapse

Photographer Jens Heidler of Another Perspective captured macro timelapse footage of thirteen species of fungi growing over a remarkable 1,000 days. After, hundreds of hours of filming and photographing the project was edited down into this impressive and wonderful 3 minute time lapse video.

Patagonia at 50 » What’s next?

For our 50th year, we’re looking forward, not back, to life on Earth. Together, we can prioritize purpose over profit, collaboration over competition and protect this wondrous planet, our only home. What’s next is unstoppable.

Amazon is shutting down DPReview and The Book Depository [Updated]

There’s nothing like it online. DPReview founder Phil Askey speaks out. “What a waste.

Devin Coldewey, TechCrunch »

The team’s knowledge, acumen and extensive objective testing contributed to reviews that famously reached near-comical lengths at times, but that was because shortcuts simply were not taken: You could be sure that even minor models were getting not just a fair shake, but the same treatment a flagship model received. Its back catalog of camera reviews and specs is an incredible resource that I have consulted hundreds of times. […]

Somehow Amazon never really found a way to capitalize on this one-of-a-kind asset, and DPReview has carried on over the years more or less untouched, to the point where it seems possible its parent company forgot they owned them. It’s hard not to see the opportunities that present themselves when you own one of the world’s leading expert voices on a major category, but perhaps unsurprisingly, no one thought to invest in and integrate DPReview closely with Amazon’s other properties. It isn’t the first time the left hand and right hand have been incommunicado at that company.

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